Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We have some icing in the higher terrain this evening. Temperatures are slowly rising so it will change to plain rain by 10:00pm tonight. Please be careful on the roadways! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Will It Snow?

Many are wondering what is going on with this holiday Nor' Easter. First off this is primarily a rain event for New Jersey. The system will start off a brief mix for North Jersey but the warmer air will quickly move up the warm side of the low pressure.

Below is a sounding for the onset of the storm. The atmosphere at this point is showing a brief period of snow/sleet but in the next 3 hours warmer air turns the precip over to plain rain. Some areas could pick up a coating of snow before the rain washes it away.

After the snow rain will be heavy at times with amounts of 1.5" - 3.0"! This is great news for us as we are currently in drought conditions. This system will be enough to even cause some flooding issues for the usual low lying areas. 

Now some are claiming that snow could sweep in on the back side of the system, which I do NOT agree with. The sounding below shows that as soon as the temperature profile is good for snow the moisture just isn't there, meaning the precipitation has moved out of the area. 

For you snow lovers, this isn't your storm but don't worry. Winter has yet to even start. Check back this weekend for my winter forecast which I'm in the final stages of production.