Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter So Far...

Where are we with season snowfall? 70.2"!  Above average by 19" but nothing extreme as previous years have been snowier.

Now the cold this year is another story. It has been so consistently cold and this year 63 days (ave is 40) failed to break freezing for high temperatures. The coldest winter since the turn of the century! 

We have had above average snow and with all this cold it's not really melting all that much. Take a look at this years snow depth chart. In fact 71% of meteorological winter had snow on the ground.

As for the rest of March it looks like the colder than normal temperatures will continue. Of course that's relative to average considering seasonal forcing will begin to warm our temperatures. March is still a snowy for us here in Northern NJ and yes there is more potential by next week. Still needs to be watched and see if anything can come from this.