Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back from Maine

What happened to the storm?

After spending an entire week without checking computer models I am back and getting into weather mode again. When I left I was looking at a storm for the 3rd of January which could have been a big snow maker. Since today is the 4Th, it's safe to say nothing happened, not yet anyway. The weather has been modified slightly and some of that energy from the storm I was seeing a week ago will still be coming our way.

During the week a storm will ride up the Mountains with snow at the start, then going to a mix, and then to just plain old rain. But what else is new right? It's been that story for the past two years already. The position of the storm means everything and with a lack of cold air in place it's gonna be sloppy instead of snowy.

More updates tomorrow with maps!

What about snow making?

After this storm moves on through it looks like the longest stretch of cold air will move this winter and could yield some minor snows here and there, but I don't see anything to get excited for just yet. Mountain Creeks trail counts will rise steadily and could near full operation by mid month.

December averages.

~ 13.8 inches of snow (185% of the average)
~Average high = 38.2 ( -1.2 from average)
~Average low = 23.8 ( +2.9 from average)
~11 days of snow
~15 days of snow pack

December ended up slightly warmer than normal but with almost double the normal snowfall for the month.

Tomorrow I will post videos and pictures of my trip to Maine and try to check up with the current weather events coming our way. I need to unpack and get some sleep tonight but expect more post/posts tomorrow! Think snow.

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