Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The future

So far this year my town has had 30 days of below freezing high temperatures. Now I have been keeping track of this for 6 years now and the most to date was 32 days below freezing for the whole winter season. Needless to say, we are going to beat that record and near 45 days!

Let's talk about something very interesting. Snow.

This year I don't expect any of those two foot snowstorms, I'm not forecasting one of those until February of 2010. I do believe this February will be above average in terms of temperatures, and perhaps WAY above normal in terms of snowfall (Not for the coast).

As of right now the models are showing a one, two punch. That is, two consecutive Nor'easters back to back for the 27th-29th. It's still a little far out but the models, as of now, are showing all snow. Don't get excited just yet, let's give it a few more days. I have a bad feeling that it may end up as ice going to rain, simply because of a La Nina that developed and the pattern so far this season. Take a look, click for bigger image.

Storm #1

Storm #1 exiting, and storm #2 coming in


CHRIS said...

Wow! I really hope this comes through, what do you think our chances our. Its mid winter and we really haven't gotten any big storms over 7 inches.If this storm comes through how much?

Darren Milliron said...

Well, if it comes as rain, it will be 2-4 inches of rain. If it's snow, it will be be 12+ (depending on track) I'm really hoping it's gunna be snow.

And are you keeping track of the season snowfall in Sussex? If so how much so far?

And do you know Paul Kocin?

chris said...

No I have lost track already, i wasn't here for a storm so that messed me up..... And no, who is that? NO SNOW IN THE FORECAST>?

Darren Milliron said...

No, no snow in the forecast just yet. Can't you tell? I haven't been posting a lot anymore, lol.

And you don't know Kocin? He was the winter weather expert on weather channel! And he wrote the book, actually wrote the book on northeast snow storms.