Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's talk about the cold

A few day's ago I issued a 7 day forecast (Going colder than most sites/tv stations would be comfortable with). Let's see how right I was up till today and talk about the up coming days.

Mon 1/12:
My Forecast- 27/16
Actual- 27/12

Tue 1/13:
My Forecast- 33/15
Actual- 29/14

Wed 1/14:
My Forecast- 18/2
Actual- 17/7

Thu 1/15:
My Forecast- 9/-7
Actual- 15/?

As for Thursday (Today) the low will happen at mid night sometime after the second arctic front moves on through.

Fri 1/16:
My Forecast- 2/-10
Actual- ?/?

As for Friday there is no actual cause it hasn't happened yet, but the low will be set sometime in the morning hours around 7 A.M. When I forecast I do from mid-night to mid-night, so Friday night the temperature will actually rebound a little.

Sat 1/17:
My Forecast- 11/-2
Actual- ?/?

I may actually want to adjust Saturday to 13/2, but that still cold. Don't ya think?

Sun 1/18:
My Forecast- 21/3
Actual- ?/?

I am going to adjust this one to 23/9 with a chance of snow.

That's it for now, Ill post again after the 18z models tonight for snow chances.

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