Friday, January 9, 2009


Here is the snow map. Although we are in the 7-11 inches the majority of us will see 5-9 inches. If I'm wrong an we get more than, THATS GREAT! Only time will tell.
And if you happen to measure how much snow you get in your town feel free to comment this post and let everyone know!
On a separate note:
Does anybody know Paul Kocin? The reason I ask is that he may be coming to Kean University in February for an assembly. He is the man who wrote the book (seriously) on northeast snow storms and is my IDOL. It's open to the public and I'm sure people from News12, Metro traffic & Weather, and some of the New York News station will be there. To anyone interested in meteorology it's going to be an amazing experience to meet and network with some big names in the field. I will know more about it in coming weeks and expect some blog posts all about it!


Anonymous said...

Nice map. Why do you think 5 to 7 when everyone is going highher? and how come that area up north may get a foot?

Darren Milliron said...

Well it just seems that every storm is always over done this year so I figured to low ball the estimate. That 5 inches would be more like on the southern side of Warren and Morris Counties. Most of everyone else will get their 6+. Tomorrow night we will see how it ends up. And 5-9 btw, not 5-7.

As for why some can get a foot to the north. The clipper is gaining strength as it hits the coast and will be throwing back heavier snows into those areas.

Anonymous said...

WOW, never stsayds the same. Everyone got lowered to an adviosry except us sussex. Its suppsoed to turn to ice!!? why? they down graded are acumulation to 5 to8, and you were pretty much on the ball.. I can't blive ice. Accu weather only says 2 to 4

Anonymous said...

I change my ammount officially to 6 to 8 inches