Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More on Thursday

Sorry for no post today (well actually yesterday now). Between meetings, some snowboarding, and work I didn't have much time. Well, let's get started.

This Thursday some light snow will be falling across the state and with 35:1 snow-liquid ratios any little bit of precip will allow for a few inches of snow. The 00z models were not very impressive and makes me think that perhaps we will get ripped off. Tomorrow I will have more with the noon time model runs, check back for a snowmap, if needed.

Longe Range Outlook:

~(All I am doing for the longe range is looking over the GFS and telling you what it is saying. I will go day by day, and let me know what you think. If the readers like it, Ill try to do it more often.)

*Day 1 (Thu Jan 15)- 0.15 precip, 516-504 thickness values
"About 4.5 inches of snow will accumulate with a high of 15 and low of -5"

*Day 2 (Fri Jan 16)- 0.00 precip, 500-497 thichness values
"Very cold with of high of 0 and low of -8"

*Day 3 (Sat Jan 17)- 0.00 precip, 516-502 thickness values
"Little warmer with a high of 13 and low of -1"

*Day 4 (Sun Jan 18)- 0.01 precip, 522-520 thickness values
"Few flurries with a high of 24 and low of 9"

*Day 5 (Mon Jan 19)- 0.00 precip, 522-515 thickness values
"Cooler with a high of 20 and low of 10"

*Day 6 (Tue Jan 20)- 0.00 precip, 528-517 thickness values
"High of 25 and low of 13"

Now here is the interesting thing. You see what the GFS has forecasted for Monday and Tuesday? Check out this run of the Euro, that's a northeast snow storm...

Here is a link to the model page that I have made, it's a work in progress but I hope to add much more as time goes on.

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