Friday, January 16, 2009

Longe Range

As I am sitting in my room the outside temperature is 1 below, but unfortunately since I'm over a 1,000 feet I can't get nearly as cold as the valleys. The lower elevations are going to be the COLDEST locations, like Vernon Valley, Sparta, Sussex Boro, Walpack, Hackettstown, Hope, and other low lying areas. The warmest areas will actually be the highest areas like Hopactcong, High Point, Sunrise Mountain, Highland Lakes, Allamuchy's, and other high areas. Some areas in Sussex actually hit -13 last night, but tonight I wouldn't be surprised to see near -20! Let's go to the long range.

As I am waiting for the models to come out after 2:00 A.M. (yes I'm crazy), besides drinking a bunch of coffee, I am thinking toward the future. If this storm doesn't work out for Monday, then the GFS is hinting at one for the end of this up coming week. After that storm, cold air will pour back into the region, maybe even colder than this latest blast. January is already 8 degrees below average, but could end up over 10 below and perhaps become the all time record. We will have to see about that, but it's close!

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7:46 -13 By sussex Airport