Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things are lookin bright

Well after several snow squalls today about an inch of the white stuff has fallen at my house in Netcong on top of 1/4 inch of ice! Last night the temperature hit 33.1 for a few minutes then started to fall, so it did get above freezing. Today's on the other hand did not get above that 32.0 line which means Sussex NJ will now start a DEEP freeze that could last for the next two weeks without getting above freezing. It also seems likely we will have one day next week with a high in the single digits and a night that falls below 0.

With the pattern the next two weeks we need to start thinking about clipper systems coming from the north and west, because it's really the only type of snows we can get in a such a cold snap. This Saturday will be the first of these clippers which will bring several inches of fresh snow to our area! From then on out it will remain cold and some light snows here and there, but nothing to serious.

Unlike the last storm, I WILL make a snow map for this one. The reason I did not make one for the last is because I really didn't see the snow amounts that Accuweather,, NOAA, and local news channels were seeing. Upper level warm air was coming in WAY to fast to support snows for a long period of time and most of the "snow" period fell as either virga or a dry slot was over us.

January is looking bright, just not the last few days of the month :(


Chris said...

Yeah looking pretty darn good for creek. It's an ice skating rink here. Hey they are saying 3 to 6 for saturday plus a little more saturday night. No ice right? ~Best Weather sight
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Darren Milliron said...

Thanks! No ice this time. THANK GOODNESS!!!! As for the snow, it could even be as much as 4-7. Not totally sure just yet.