Thursday, January 29, 2009

Major storm coming Tuesday

Well, with 32" of snow this season at my house we are right where we should be, but a storm is on the horizon which will benefit the higher elevations. On Tuesday of next week a storm will ride up the east coast and mostly likely start as rain for the most of the area, then as the storm strengthens it will start to snow at High Point. From then on out the snow levels will begin to drop with time and significant snowfall is possible. Then the storm will clear out, but a few hours later some back lash snow will move back in putting down 4-6 inches more. While all this is happening New York City gets mostly a rain event and only your position west and elevation will help out, not so much how north you are. This is what the models are saying right now, in fact they are predicting a blizzard just to our west, and the Euro is one of the models showing it.

A major snowstorm is on the way, let's just hope the low track off of the coast and not west of the mountains.


chris said...

Near High point high school or sussex air port, will we get a snow event from this upcoming storm? At least how much snow will be in the ground?

Darren Milliron said...

Well I really told the story of the model output. It's still up in the air with the exact track of the storm but someone between Cleveland and New York City will get a blizzard. Maybe that will be us? Keep checking back.