Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday Snow

Here is the GFS model on Thursday's snow. It's not a big storm and it has very little precipitation with it, but why am I getting excited for it? Well, when it's 10 degrees and snowing liquid-snow ratios change from the usual 10:1 to 35:1. Now if we get the predicted 0.20 inches liquid equivalent then that equals 7 inches of EXTREMELY light fluffy snow. It's just a matter if we get the heavier band of snow or not. Check back tomorrow for more.


chris said...

Thats crazy! I cant' belive it. says SNow, not snow showers for wednsday night 90% chance and Am snow for thursday mornign 80%. Accu weather says totsal of 4.6

chris said...

Have you ever heard of ? Good site

Darren Milliron said...

It may have given me some inspiration. Thanks!